This naval base of 3,400 people protects the mouth of the Nesser and used to be a major port of call for vessels from Scant, trading Iron League products with Nyrond across the safety of the strait.

That trade is long gone. Scarlet Brotherhood vessels have tried to trade here, but fully a quarter of the town population are exiled Onnwalese and have made it plain that they will sink any vessel that approaches bearing the scarlet flag.

Life in Nessermouth is still good here because the fishing in the broad estuaries is very good and many large seabirds are hunted and trapped for food. The small saline marshes around the estuary likewise yield many game animals.

History during the reign of Archbold I: The town is administered by a bailiff, the king not having trusted any local landowner to control such a vital strategic port. Fully supported by his townspeople, this man has courageously refused to give any taxes to the king above pre-war levels. He deals with the possibility of the navy taking control of the town in the king’s name quite easily. He pays them directly from the taxes he collects. Since the navy isn’t paid reliably by the king, there’s no doubt whose side they are on. This town is simply too far from Mithat or Oldred for Archbold to use force to overtake the town.

Nessermouth is virtually a free town now, and while trade has declined, living is good and the navy here has much better morale than elsewhere. The four caravels and one galley based here keep Brotherhood ships well away from the coastline, and are seen as protectors by ordinary people, which is very different from other ports along the coast.

The town is an insular community, increasingly wishing not to hear news from elsewhere. Outsiders generally have to give up arms and armor to the local sheriff while in Nessermouth.


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