The God Scholar, Sage of the Gods, the Good Savant
Lesser Power of Mt. Celestia, LG

Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Reason, Intellect, Study
Aliases: None
Domain Name: Solania/The Great Library
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Mind* (CD), Oracle* (CD), Rune* (Ss).
Superior: None
Allies: Boccob, St. Cuthbert, Lirr, Zuoken
Foes: Syrul, Hextor
Symbol: Open book, A large white book
Favored Weapon: Dart
Core Worshippers: Oeridians
Worshiper’s Alignment: LG

Description: Delleb (DEL-leb) is an Oeridian god depicted as a noble scribe or well-dressed gray-haired man with a large white book (his holy symbol). Although he prefers debate to combat, he used his phoenix-feather quill as a dart to fend off a young and murderous Hextor. He is interested in any sort of useful or interesting lore, but dislikes fiction or overly verbose language. He is friendly to all others but those who are evil or oppose knowledge. It is rumored that Delleb sponsored Daern, hero-goddess of defenses and fortifications, to her present position. “The accumulation of knowledge is the purpose of existence. What cannot be learned from others may be discovered in books, and when books fail the truly studious will turn to experimentation. An hour studying is an hour well spent. Allowing emotion to cloud your judgment risks danger. The ignorant and inexperienced should be educated.” Delleb’s clerics ask questions of strangers, listen to bard’s tales with a grain of salt, pore over old books, and study lost languages in the hopes of uncovering valuable forgotten knowledge. They use their knowledge to help others, whether designing a more efficient stove for a farmer or planning a great bridge for a city; they may not have the skill to build such things, but they know how to design them. They travel to study recently unearthed tomes, converse with ancient learned people, and adventure to explore old places of lost writings.

Delleb (DELL-eb) is the god of sages. He stands for knowledge, freely given and freely received. As a god of intellect, he believes that all of his followers should hone their minds to the fullest extent and then teach others to do the same. He is sometimes called the most honest or gods, for he neither lies nor speaks a half-truth.

He and Syrul, the Suloise god of lies and deceit, have long been rivals. The two have warred among themselves since long before the Rain of Colorless Fire and Invoked Devastation over a thousand years ago.

Delleb loves riddles and puzzles, though they take him little time to solve. He has never been tricked, though many have tried. Delleb never tires of outwitting his enemies, although lie yearns for a true mental challenge,

Delleb’s Avatar (Mage 20, Cleric 15)
Delleb’s avatar appears as a tall, thin Oeridian man with olive skin. He looks very old, and the top of his head is balding, leaving only some short tufts of gray hair on the sides and back. He wears reading glasses, and a magnifying glass protrudes from his coat pocket. He usually carries a large book and is always accompanied by a large, black Labrador Retriever named Shadow.

Delleb is most often dressed as a scholar, wearing black robes filled with many pockets. When in this form, be is usually slightly bent, as if under a great weight (though his posture is simply bad from so much reading and writing). His head is never covered and seems to glow slightly as do his eyes.

Delleb occasionally takes the form of a warrior. When he appears thus, he wears full platemail though his head is still bare, and he carries a sabre. Over his back is slung a strange device of metal and wood longer than the god is tall. He sometimes appears mounted on an immense war horse.


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